BlueZ 4.0 repository created

It is now official that bluez-libs-3.36 and bluez-utils-3.36 were the last releases in the BlueZ 3.x series. Both repository are now in maintenance mode and only important security fixes will justify another release from the 3.x branch.

For the BlueZ 4.x series the repositories have been moved from over to and we are now using GIT for revision control. Also bluez-libs and bluez-utils have been merged back together into one common bluez.git repository.

The 4.x series brings two important changes. The first one is that the eglib support has been completely removed. This means that GLib now becomes a hard depedency. The second one is that we removed the old D-Bus and now fully concentrate on improving the new API and making the code simpler, cleaner and easy to read and understand.

We haven’t had time to move bluez-gnome over to the new D-Bus API. So if you wanna try bluez-4.x be warned that this will break.