Release of bluez-4.20

This release fixes various issues with the mode setting and session handling. It should also improve the access of audio clients. In addition the PairableTimeout property got added.


Release of bluez-4.19

This release fixes issues with missing or wrong signals when using CreateDevice. In addition it introduces the Pairable property for adapter interfaces to allow or reject incoming pairing requests.


Release of obexd-0.8

This release fixes various bugs within the MTU and session handling. It also adds some basic support for Nokia PC Suite service.


Release of obexd-0.7

This release adds support for OBEX client sessions and the File Transfer client interface. It also fixes various bugs and memory leaks.


Release of bluez-4.18

This release fixes various issues within the service discovery process. In addition it includes fixes for the SBC encoder and decoder.


Release of openobex-1.4

After two years of development finally we have a new version of OpenOBEX.


This version comes with better support for Windows based system and fixes all pending bugs. Please test it properly to ensure that nothing broke.

Release of bluez-4.17

This release fixes an issue with the A2DP implementation and its stream suspend capabilities. This should allow a proper qualification of A2DP with all mandatory and optional features enabled.


Release of bluez-4.16

This release fixes two potential crashes within bluetoothd. It is strongly advised to upgrade to this version.