Release of sbc-1.0

This is the first release of the new standalone SBC library.


In the future PulseAudio and also GStreamer integration will depend on this library. So it is time to get it packaged and integrated into distributions.


Release of obexd-0.47

This release updates the D-Bus namespace to use org.bluez.obex and also updates the client session API.


Release of bluez-4.101

Unfortunately we had to do a one-hundred-and-one release.


Release of bluez-4.100

And here is the magic one-hundred release …


Release of obexd-0.46

This release fixes a few bugs and adds support for a new and improved client transfer API.



GSoC: Accepted Students Announced

Yesterday Google released the accepted students for this year’s Google Summer of Code and BlueZ will be participating with 4 students:

Project: Bluetooth Replayer
Student: Anton Weber
Mentor: Anderson Lizardo

Project: OBEX Filesystem In Userspace
Student: Michał Poczwardowski
Mentor: Vinicius Gomes

Project: Implement AVRCP 1.3 Controller Role
Student: Rafael Fonseca
Mentor: Luiz Augusto von Dentz

Project: Visualization of Bluetooth traffic
Student: Thiago da Silva Arruda
Mentor: Gustavo Padovan

It is now community bonding time, where students get know their mentors and the community. We wish a great summer to all students.  :-)


Release of bluez-hcidump-2.4

This release adds support for A2MP, L2CAP create/move channel, SAP and additional AVRCP decoding.


BlueZ on Google Summer of Code 2012

BlueZ was accepted to take part in GSoC 2012, if you don’t know what GSoC is, please go  to its page and learn about.

We have already published our list of ideas, so if you are a student  take a look there and check what might interest you. Then you can talk to one of our mentors to learn more about and work on a GSoC proposal. You can get more information about BlueZ on GsoChere. Our contact info is on the same page.

We hope to have a great summer in this year’s Google Summer of Code.