Todo lists

future work

The BlueZ is a well designed Bluetooth protocol stack, but as all Open Source projects it is not complete and maybe never will be. These lists raises some topics which need some work or parts which have never touched by any developer so far. If people or companies want to contribute to BlueZ they can pick one of these item and try to fix or implement them. However it is a good idea to put a request on the developer mailing list first to see if anyone else has already done some work on it.

host controller interface

  • Host flow control
  • Automatic switching to sniff mode
  • Enhance integration into device model for Linux 2.6
  • Bluetooth 1.2 inquiry extensions
  • Support for Three-Wire UART transport layer (aka H5)
  • Support for SDIO Card Type-A Specification for Bluetooth

l2cap kernel layer

  • Make L2CAP callable from soft-irq
  • Support of sysfs for Linux 2.6
  • Bluetooth 1.2 flow and error control

rfcomm kernel layer

  • Support for service level security
  • Support of sysfs for Linux 2.6