coding style

All code written for the BlueZ project should follow the coding style of the Linux kernel, which can be found under Documentation/CodingStyle in every kernel source distribution. Also the userspace applications should follow this coding style.

Greg Kroah-Hartman gave a talk at the Ottawa Linux Symposium 2002 about the kernel coding style. It is a good idea to read his paper before start coding.

security bugs

BlueZ developers take security very seriously. As such, we’d like to know when a security bug is found so that it can be fixed and disclosed as quickly as possible. Read more details about handling the security bug of BlueZ

protocol analysis

Andrew Tridgell published a nice paper on how Samba was written and he draws a parallel to the French Cafe techniques.

developer meetings

Two times a year the main developers on contributers of the BlueZ project meet up to discuss the future of the Bluetooth support for Linux. Check the meeting notes for details:

source code

The full source code of BlueZ is available. You can either download nice source packages or access the source repositories directly.

google summer of code

For the past years BlueZ have been taking part in the Google Summer of Code program. Check about BlueZ on GSoC here.