getting in contact with the developers

The parts of the Linux Bluetooth stack are written by many people and it is not the job of just one single person. The credits page shows everyone who has contributed to BlueZ.

If you want to get in contact with the developers, please write to the developer mailing list and never write to them directly.


Join our slack workspace.


Aditionally there is a IRC channel available on where you can find developers and other users of BlueZ:

  • #bluez (development related topics)

community for the end users

For people who want to use the Linux Bluetooth stack and have problems or basic question, they can post them to the user mailing list. But before you start posting you should look at the FAQ and the mailing list archives and check, if your problem is already solved or your question was already answered.

help on this project

This project is based on the work of its contributers, but even non-programmers can help in making progress. There exists always pieces of hardware that are not supported, because non of the core developers had access to it for testing. So donations in form of hardware or simply in form of money are really helpful.