Lennart’s wish list

During the BlueZ developer meeting in Helsinki a month ago we talked with Lennart Poettering about the native integration of A2DP and Headset support with PulseAudio. He requested some enhancements to our Bluetooth support in the Linux kernel for a better synchronization of the audio stream.

  • Support for TIOCOUTQ and TIOCINQ ioctls
  • Support for retrieving the remote clock value

The current GIT tree is based on the 2.6.26-rc8 kernel release and contains support for the first two items on his list.

Adding the possibility to retrieve the remote clock value has not been implemented yet. The technical part is not really complicated, but I am not sure on how to present this information to the user-space.

This patch set also contains an update to the Simple Pairing support and a fix for the driver model integration of the low-level connections.