Qualification FUD

It seems that commercial stack manufactures like to spread FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) about BlueZ and its qualification status. Trying to eliminate the open source competition by telling customers that BlueZ can’t be qualified is just plain bad business practice and these companies are lying to you.

The truth is that BlueZ has been qualified according to the Bluetooth PRD 2.0 (and later) and has been used successful in products. The most prominent example is the Nokia N810 Internet tablet. It is based on the Maemo platform which includes BlueZ as one of its core components. If you don’t believe me, check the official qualification record by yourself.

To help qualifying BlueZ based products we split the qualification into components for the host stack (GAP, L2CAP, RFCOMM and SDP) and profile stack. Companies like Nokia, ACCESS, TomTom and others have sponsored the qualification of BlueZ components that can be re-used by others.

Current known qualification records can be found at the BlueZ qualification page and it is expected that are more products out there are using BlueZ and have successfully passed the Bluetooth qualification.

If there exist any questions when it comes to BlueZ qualification, feel free to mail me. You find my email address in the source code.