Release of bluez-gnome-1.7

Bastien and I talked about adding support for the kill switch subsystem to either the applet or the properties application and after Stefan was asking for the “off” option, I sat down and added support for power switches to the properties application.


The implementation uses HAL for triggering the kill switch, but to be quite honest, the support in HAL is just plain broken. It works, but that’s it!

HAL will not send out notifications when other applications change the status of your kill switch. Not to mention what happens when the system contains a physical kill switch. This means that the status indication of the kill switch option might not be correct. The lifetime of the properties application is normally pretty short and so it is acceptable (for now), but still far from perfect.

Also the all Bluetooth kill switches seems to have no real parents. This means there is no indication which device will be affected by the exported kill switch.