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Release of BlueZ 5.66

This release mainly includes the initial support of BAP (Basic Audio Profile) which is an essential part of LE Audio responsible for stream control and VCP (Volume Control Profile). For MESH, new MGMT opcodes are added to share one controller between the legacy bluetooth daemon and the mesh daemon. This release also includes various bug fixes in A2DP, GATT, HOG


Release of BlueZ 5.65

This release includes many changes related to the IOS support such as supporting ISO socket via experimental feature support and updating the monitor and tools. It also contains numerous bug fixes on A2DP, AVRCP, SDP, HOG, GATT, and MESH.


Release of BlueZ 5.64

This is another release mostly with the bug fixes on HOG, GATT, A2DP, Media, AVDTP, AVRCP, and scanning failure. Also, this release includes a fix for building with old glibc (< 2.25), and other minor issues found with the static code analyzing tool. ISO packet support is added to the emulator as a part of LE Audio development.


Release of BlueZ 5.63

This release is mostly a bug fix release, with fixes to features such as GATT, SDP, Daemon, and emulator. It also adds a new MGMT Event for Device Found and Device Lost of Advertisement Monitor.

New build options for sanitizers (lsan, asan, ubsan) are added and it may require installing additional libraries depending on the distros.


Release of BlueZ 5.62

This release updates the sources to use the inclusive language based on the guide from the Bluetooth SIG(Appropriate-Language-Mapping-Table), updates the DBUS API to add new properties for GATT and Adapter. For MESH, it updates the configuration client and adds a new API to export the keys. It adds a new document to describe the errors of D-BUS method returns for connection failure reasons. In addition, it includes the various bug fixes in Core, ATT, AVCTP, AVDTP, and MGMT API.

It recommends using the ELL version 0.44.


Release of BlueZ 5.61

This is mostly a bugfix release with fixes in A2DP, OBEX, adapter, and emulator. It also includes new features like plugin for admin policy, Central Address Resolution characteristic in GATT, packet latency analysis in the monitor.


Release of BlueZ 5.60

This release has bug fixes to GATT, Management API, and Advertising Monitor. It also fixes the regression introduced in the 5.59 release with the newly paired A2DP headset.

It recommends using the latest ELL release.


Release of BlueZ 5.59

This is mainly a bug fix release with fixes to Mesh, SDP, AVRCP, and AVDTP support. All existing manpages are converted to reStructuredText(.rst) format, thus the ‘rst2man’(or ‘’) is required to generate the manpage if the manpage is enabled in the configuration.

It also has an update on the management API tester to cover more APIs and prepare for LE Privacy testing with the changes in the emulator.

From this release, the ELL release 0.40 or later is required.