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Release of bluez-4.78

This release fixes a few small issues with adapter mode handling, AVDTP timer handling and the audio interface. The biggest change however is internally with the cleanup of the HCI handling and preparing more a cleaner management interface with the kernel.


Release of obexd-0.36

This release fixes a few more issues with the Phonebook Access profile handling and OBEX transfer handling in general.


Release of bluez-4.77

This release fixes some small issues which might have caused crashes in the Bluetooth daemon.


Release of obexd-0.35

This release fixes a few issues.


Release of bluez-4.76

This releases fix some issues with the telephony driver and audio signaling. It also contains a big update to MCAP and HDP support.


Release of obexd-0.34

This release fixes a few issues with the transfer operation and also the Phonebook access support.


Release of bluez-4.75

This is a brown paper bag release. It fixes an uninitialized variable with legacy pairing that can lead to wrong storage of PIN code length entries for the link keys.


Release of bluez-4.74

This release fixes a regression with Legacy Pairing that has been introduced by the previous release. It also adds additional support for BR/EDR and LE interleaved discovery procedure.