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Release of bluez-4.72

This release fixes a few issues with the GATT support and adds more GATT client features. I also contains initial support for Health Device Profile and the new Media API.


Release of bluez-4.71

This release fixes a few issues with the audio and input support. It also extends the ATT/GATT support introduced by the previous release. And in addition the initial bits and pieces for MCAP support have been included as well.


Release of obexd-0.33

This release adds new features and fixes some bugs in the Phonebook Access Profile support.


Release of obexd-0.32

This release fixes some issues with the shutdown behavior of the daemon.


Release of bluez-4.70

This is a big release with a lot of fixes. Most visible will be the more advanced support for Extended Inquiry Response. However this release also contains initial pieces for ATT/GATT support and also for AMP.


Release of obexd-0.31

This release fixes multiple issues Phonebook Access support. And as a bonus adds simple IrMC sync server support.


Release of obexd-0.30

This release fixes multiple stability issues within the core and the Phonebook Access support.


Release of bluez-4.69

The previous release was a nasty brown-paper-bag release and fully unusable since the Bluetooth daemon just crashed on every single start. So this release obviously fixes this problem.


In addition it contains the proper Bluetooth PAN server support. In the long term this will finally allow proper Bluetooth Tethering support on every system.