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Release of bluez-4.60

This release contains various fixes and enhancements to the D-Bus helper and integration functions.


Release of bluez-4.59

This is once again the yearly X-mas release. So Merry Christmas to everyone.


Exactly 35 releases ago we celebrated the last holidays. This means that every 1.5 weeks we were giving you a new BlueZ release. That is actually a pretty much impressive release ratio :)

Release of obexd-0.21

This release fixes a few bugs that were left from the re-factoring done via the 0.19 release. Please test it intensively.


Release of obexd-0.20

This release fixes two bugs. One with the PC Suite support and another one with the new SyncEvolution support.


Release of obexd-0.19

This release adds supports for mimetype and filesystem plugins. It also includes an abstraction layer for telephony and phonebook plugins. So please start testing it intensively since a lot internal details changed.


As a bonus, the initial pieces of the OBEX server/SyncML binding for SyncEvolution got merged.

Release of bluez-4.58

This release contains a few minor fixes within the Bluetooth pairing and bonding handling.


Release of bluez-4.57

Bug fixes, bug fixes and more bug fixes – and of course Happy Halloween …


Release of bluez-4.56

This release fixes a few minor pairing related issues. They shouldn’t have caused any disturbance during normal operation, but they were real bugs. The audio support contained wrong version numbers in their SDP information. This has been fixed, too.


All findings from the Bluetooth UnPlugFest testing in Stuttgart are now fixed with this release.

The major fun part with the release was that I did it on the Nokia N900 during the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam. Amazing cool device running the latest upstream BlueZ source code. The N900 rocks – thank you Nokia :)