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Release of bluez-4.61

This release fixes a couple of bugs within A2DP and Headset/Handsfree support. It is the usual release after an UnPlugFest to fix the issues discovered during the testing.


And welcome to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games :)

Release of bluez-4.60

This release contains various fixes and enhancements to the D-Bus helper and integration functions.


Release of bluez-4.59

This is once again the yearly X-mas release. So Merry Christmas to everyone.


Exactly 35 releases ago we celebrated the last holidays. This means that every 1.5 weeks we were giving you a new BlueZ release. That is actually a pretty much impressive release ratio :)

Release of obexd-0.21

This release fixes a few bugs that were left from the re-factoring done via the 0.19 release. Please test it intensively.


Release of obexd-0.20

This release fixes two bugs. One with the PC Suite support and another one with the new SyncEvolution support.


Release of obexd-0.19

This release adds supports for mimetype and filesystem plugins. It also includes an abstraction layer for telephony and phonebook plugins. So please start testing it intensively since a lot internal details changed.


As a bonus, the initial pieces of the OBEX server/SyncML binding for SyncEvolution got merged.

Release of bluez-4.58

This release contains a few minor fixes within the Bluetooth pairing and bonding handling.


Release of bluez-4.57

Bug fixes, bug fixes and more bug fixes – and of course Happy Halloween …