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Release of bluez-4.55

This release fixes two issues with AVRCP and AVDTP handling. It also contains now support for POSIX capabilities dropping via libcap-ng and additional improved error handling in the library.


Release of obexd-0.18

This release fixes two minor problems. One in the file size handling and one for the file sending with multiple Bluetooth adapters.


Release of bluez-4.54

This release fixes more issues with the audio support and also one minor problem with the D-Bus introspection support.


Release of bluez-4.53

This release fixes some issues within the audio support.


Release of bluez-4.52

So I am at Vancouver airport, ready to go back home to Germany. Security doesn’t like me today and wants to search my whole hand luggage. Happens every now and then. No big deal, but I am already late and boarding is going to start soon. Then Johan calls me up and asks for a new release at this second. While everybody else is boarding, I am sitting at the gate and creating a new BlueZ release to make him happy. I uploaded the release before boarding and yes, I was the last passenger going on this plane. So no guarantees whatsoever.


Release of bluez-4.51

This release includes hopefully the last fix for build system issues we have seen. Other than that the CUPS backend got updated discovery support and some audio issues got fixed.


Release of bluez-4.50

The build system changes from the previous release caused some problems. They should be all fixed now.


Release of bluez-4.49

This release fixes some minor qualification issues and adds more test programs that help for GAP testing. It also switches over to a full non-recursive build system.


If there are any problems with the new build system, please send a detailed report.