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Release of obexd-0.17

This release fixes a problem with the Bluetooth initialization handling and also switches over to a full non-recursive build system.


If there are any problems with the new build system, please send a detailed report.

Release of obexd-0.16

This release fixes two minor problems with the PC Suite mode and the TTY handling.


Release of bluez-4.48

This release fixes some issues with class of device updates and the problems with the CUPS backend.


Starting with this release all enabled plugins are builtin into the daemon for less overhead and simpler debugging.

Release of bluez-4.47

This release fixes some issues with service record updates. It also adds native RFKILL support for 2.6.31 and later kernels and supports static serial proxy configurations now.


Release of bluez-4.46

This release fixes many memory leaks and wrong pointer usages. It should make the daemon overall more stable than ever. In addition the support for A2DP sinks got merged. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome.


Release of obexd-0.15

This release fixes a race condition in the BtIO helper library and also a problem with the strict-aliasing rules inside the Phonebook Access support.


Release of bluez-4.45

The previous release had a bug with the udev rules installation. This has been fixed now.


Release of bluez-4.44

This release fixes some problems with the udev rules introduction. It should now install the correct file into the correct location and with the right prefix for the daemon.


In addition there were a lot of fixes to the Handsfree support in conjunction with the 3-way calling and also the calling indicators.