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Release of BlueZ 5.58 (and 5.57)

This is a combined release announcement for BlueZ 5.57 and 5.58.

BlueZ 5.57 is our monthly release and includes mainly various bug fixes to GATT, AVDTP, Mesh, monitor, and emulator. This release introduces the SupportedFeature property of LEAdvertisementManager1 for Advertising D-BUS API.

BlueZ 5.58 is a quick fix release to fix the build warning with deprecated APIs.

Starting from BlueZ 5.57, it requires to use of ELL release 0.39 or later.


Release of BlueZ 5.56

This release introduces the new management API for the advertisement monitor feature and adds extended advertising parameters and data, updates the license clause with the matching SPDX License Identifier. It also includes some bug fixes in Mesh, test-runner, tester applications, GATT, and AVDTP.

From this release, it requires to use ELL release 0.37 or later.


Release of BlueZ 5.55

This release contains many bug fixes from various places in the stack, including A2DP, AVDTP, Mesh, Monitor, GATT, HFP, and HID. Also, it includes the fixes to support GCC 10.

It also includes new and improved features such as the management v1.7 with new API for reading security information and experimental feature, updating monitor to support Microsoft vendor extension, prepare for up-coming advertisement monitor, updating emulator to support ISO commands like set host feature, setup, and remove and adding provisioner’s capabilities in Mesh.


Release of BlueZ 5.54 (and 5.53)

This is a combined announcement for BlueZ 5.53 and 5.54 – due to some technical issues the website couldn’t be updated until now.

These releases have numerous fixes to A2DP, HoGP, UUID matching and advertisement unregistration (for peripheral/broadcaster role).

Among new features are support for a blocked keys database, initial pieces for the Enhanced ATT bearer (EATT) from Bluetooth 5.2, a new just-works repairing policy (which requires the not-yet-released 5.7 kernel), and a new MTU auto-tuning option for AVDTP.


Release of BlueZ 5.52

This is mainly a bug fix release with fixes to Mesh and AVDTP support. One notable API change is that the media endpoint D-Bus interface is no-longer considered experimental. One new feature in the release is btmon support for HCI traces over the J-Link RTT protocol, currently only supported by the nimble Bluetooth stack.


Release of BlueZ 5.51

This release is way overdue, apologies for that. We will try to get back to a more normal release cadence from now on. There are too many fixes to cover them in the release announcement, but feature-wise the two notable things are improved Bluetooth Mesh support as well as support for the GATT Database Hash feature.


Release of BlueZ 5.50

This release contains several fixes to GATT and Mesh support. Some notable new features include a ‘node-reset’ command to meshctl, a new btmon-logger daemon to perform logging on unattended systems, and a new general discoverable property in the advertising D-Bus API.

This release also contains numerous build fixes for GCC 8, making it fully buildable e.g. on Fedora 28.


Release of BlueZ 5.49

This is mostly a bug fix release, with fixes to features such as AVCTP, OBEX, GATT and Mesh. There are however some notable new features also, such as improved heartbeat management support in meshctl as well as a new experimental ConnectDevice D-Bus method on the Adapter interface, which can be used for quick device object creation for testing purpose or when information about the device has been received over some Out-of-Band channel.