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Release of bluez-4.44

This release fixes some problems with the udev rules introduction. It should now install the correct file into the correct location and with the right prefix for the daemon.


In addition there were a lot of fixes to the Handsfree support in conjunction with the 3-way calling and also the calling indicators.

Release of obexd-0.14

This release fixes some issues and improves the Phonebook Access interaction with Evolution-Data-Server.


Release of bluez-4.43

This release fixes some more issues found in the audio support. It also removes the full support for starting bluetoothd from init process. The provided preferred method is now to start it from udev once a Bluetooth adapter is present.


Release of bluez-4.42

This is the release that should contain fixes found during the interoperability testing at the UnPlugFest in Bangkok last week.


In addition we added a –udev option that allows to start bluetoothd from a udev rule. This opens the doors for proper on-demand startup of the Bluetooth subsystem and removes the need for init scripts.

Release of obexd-0.13

This releases only contains minor fixes, but it is important to release on a more regular basis.


Release of bluez-4.41

This release contains multiple fixes for the audio subsystem and makes the Bluetooth daemon itself more and more stable.


Release of bluez-4.40

This release contains a fix for memory allocation with the creation of PDUs inside the SDP handling. It also fixes various race conditions inside some D-Bus method calls. With this release the HID proxy switching is changed to use udev rules and also adds support for Dell based devices.


This is the first release that contains the Headset/Handsfree telephony driver for the oFono open source telephony stack.

Release of bluez-4.39

This release fixes a lot of race conditions and small bugs in the handling of system startup, device pairing and device discovery.