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Release of bluez-4.38

This release fixes various bugs and format string issues. It also introduces support for builtin plugins and a framework for adapter operations.


Release of obexd-0.12

This releases fixes some problems with the signal handling and various format string issues.


Release of obexd-0.11

This is another release with bugfixes for some broken D-Bus, filename and authorization handling.


Release of bluez-4.37

This release adds support for the AVRCP based volume control and fixes a couple of regressions from the previous release.


The Bluetooth SIG announced the 3.0 + HS specification that includes support for High Speed data transfer via 802.11 technology. Using a Bluetooth 2.1 BR/EDR controller with an 802.11 AMP controller is a perfect combination for a 3.0 high speed solution. So BlueZ is fully ready to be extended with 3.0 support since it already supports Bluetooth 2.1 features.

Release of bluez-4.36

This release fixes crashes found in the Headset/Handsfree and A2DP support. The audio support should now be more stable than ever.


Release of bluez-4.35

This release fixes various bugs, crashes and other problems found during testing. It should make the Bluetooth audio support (Headset and A2DP) more stable now.


Release of obexd-0.10

This release fixes a couple of issues found in the previous release.


Release of bluez-4.34

This release add more advanced features to the audio support for Handsfree/Headset profiles and also A2DP. Advanced system like PulseAudio should now be able to better interact with BlueZ and also have more control over multi-profile devices.