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Release of bluez-4.33

The releases fixes multiple regression within the networking service and SDP service discovery.


Release of obexd-0.9

This release adds initial support for Phonebook Access and Synchronization support. The implementation is not fully ready for production, but it a step into the right direction.


Release of bluez-4.32

The previous release fixed many SDP memory leaks, but unfortunately one of these fixes resulted in a segmentation fault in certain cases. This has been fixed now.


Release of bluez-4.31

This release contains the new BtIO helper functions and all plugins have been converted to use it. In addition it contains fixes for various issues and memory leaks.


Release of bluez-4.30

This previous release was not one of our best ones. At the UnPlugFest we focused so much on Simple Pairing support, that we actually broke the Legacy Pairing with Bluetooth 2.0 and earlier devices. This has been fixed now. In addition one show-stopper for Bluetooth 2.1 qualification has also been fixed.


Please start testing this release intensivly and give feedback via the mailing list.

Release of bluez-4.29

This release includes fixes for all issues found during the UnPlugFest in San Francisco.


Release of bluez-4.28

This release contains mostly fixes for the audio support. The SBC encoder should now produce a much better audio quality and its performance should increase noticeably on ARM and x86 platforms.


The ALSA plugin now contains a fix to avoid invalid memory access. This might break some audio players that make assumption on some ALSA API calls that are ambigue. Please report any problems you might encounter.

Release of bluez-4.27

This release contains multiple fixes for the Simple Pairing support and newer kernel versions. It highly improves the interoperability and the security handling with Bluetooth 2.1 based devices.


We also merged more SBC optimization patches that are now making use of MMX or ARM NEON extensions. This should highly improve the performance of the SBC encoder.