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Release of bluez-gnome-1.6

The latest bluez release adds more properties and signals that allow a lot of code simplification inside the user interface. This release makes heavily use of.


Please use the latest bluez release. Otherwise some functionality might fail.

Release of bluez-4.9

In the previous release a bunch of signals were missing that the next version of bluez-gnome will make use of. Especially with the usage of the new Alias and Icon properties.


Release of bluez-4.8

The pairing fixes from the previous release caused two regressions that made bluetoothd crashes. This release fixes both of them.


It also re-enables the HAL plugin by talking directly to the HAL service. The requirement for libhal is now obsolete.

The hciconfig and hcitool low-level commands have been fixed to show all extended features pages. This is important since the page 1 indicates the host stack support for Simple Pairing.

Release of bluez-gnome-1.5

Add support for integration with GIO and fix left-overs from usage of BlueZ 3.x interface migration.


Release of bluez-4.7

This release fixes a lot of bugs in the pairing and also removes a lot of left-over code from the 3.x series.


Release of obexd-0.4

This release fixes a receiving issue and adds the first steps for a plugin based infrastructure.


Release of bluez-4.6

This release adds support for proper authentication and encryption of HID capable input devices. It should also add a smooth upgrade path of configured input devices from BlueZ 3.x to the 4.x series.


Release of bluez-gnome-1.4

This release adds the missing browse menu item and fixes some issues with the device discovery. The wizard now has Simple Pairing support and should work better with headphones, keyboards and mice.