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Release of bluez-4.5

This release fixes a couple of regression with the adapter initialization and the input service.


We are still working on improvements in both areas and this release is just to get it going again.

Release of bluez-4.4

And another brown paper bag release. Sorry about that, but I forgot to check the compilation of the CUPS backend. This release adds a temporary fix. It also adds the missing service API description.


Release of bluez-gnome-1.3

This release fixes a few bugs within the wizard and adapts to the changed discovery handling introduced with bluez-4.3.


Release of bluez-4.3

This release adds a plugin for handling external services and and it has now full support for discovery sessions to simplify the UI. It also adds the first steps into telephony driver abstraction.


Release of bluez-gnome-1.2

This release now includes the Simple Pairing dialogs for numeric passkey entering and the numeric confirmation.


Together with bluez-4.2 this allows full usage of Simple Pairing if you find another device that’s support it. Currently it is only BlueZ to BlueZ.

Release of bluez-4.2

This release fixes a couple of bugs that were crashing bluetoothd and it also continues to clean up the code base. A lot of functions were removed and others made static.

However the biggest update is for the IO capabilities selection routine for Simple Pairing. It now fully complies to the Bluetooth 2.1 specification and allows to use the full potential of Simple Pairing.


Release of bluez-gnome-1.1

This release brings back most applications that have been omitted from the previous release.


The bluetooth-sendto application has been ported over to the new API and the bluetooth-wizard application is now installed by default.

The support for GNOME VFS based file browsing is currently not integrated. That might follow in one of the next releases.

Release of bluez-gnome-1.0

This is the first release supporting the BlueZ 4.x D-Bus API. The support for the old API has been removed. This brings a lot of internal changes with it and thus the major version number has been increased.


Despite the fact that this version is called 1.0 it has some drawbacks. The only two applications currently ported to the new API are bluetooth-applet and bluetooth-properties. So if you are looking for file transfer support, this is the wrong release for you.

This release can be used with hcid -x from bluez-utils-3.36 or with bluetoothd from the latest bluez-4.x release. When using hcid make sure to enable the experimental support via the -x switch, because otherwise only the 3.x API will be present.

The next step is to get all the dialogs for Simple Pairing support in place. This should include support for the bluetooth-wizard and after that we will port the missing applications to the new API.