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Release of libgdbus-0.2

This version switches to gtk-doc for API documentation instead of Doxygen. It allows an easier and a lot cleaner way for creating and publishing documentation.


Release of libgdbus-0.1

The libgdbus is a helper library to make it easier for system daemons using GLib to integrate with D-Bus. It provides convenient functions for registering interfaces, signals and properties and handles all the introspection details. It also provides a simple API to listen NameOwnerChanged or any other signals without getting into D-Bus low-level details.


Release of bluez-4.1

Unfortunately the 4.0 release was more like a brown paper bag release. It didn’t include the compat/sdp.h header file and thus building some of the legacy applications became impossible. To make it easier for the package maintainers to perform the transition from 3.x, here comes a new release that fixes it.


This release also includes two patches that should have been already included in the 3.x series, but for some reasons slipped through the net. They should improve the A2DP performance when using ALSA and allow PAN/BNEP to pass qualification testing.

Release of bluez-4.0

And finally here it is. The first release of the new BlueZ 4.x series.


As mentioned before, the source for bluez-libs and bluez-utils has been merged together. So it is now up the package maintainers to create proper libbluetooth packages from this. It is important that this has been done right in the beginning so it gets simpler for later releases. If questions or issues come up, feel free to discuss them with the upstream developers.

With this new major version a lot of things have been changed:

  • The main daemon is now called bluetoothd (instead of hcid)
  • The main configuration file is /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and follows INI-style syntax
  • The GLib library (with GModule support) is no longer optional, because eglib support has been fully removed
  • The old D-Bus API from 3.x series has been fully removed

This release will break compatiblity with bluez-gnome at the moment. Please keep this in mind when starting testing. It is almost the same situation when 3.0 got released. It is the price for creating a cleaner and simpler API. The bluez-gnome will be moved to the new API soon.

Release of bluez-gnome-0.28

This will be the last release supporting the BlueZ 3.x series with the old D-Bus API. It contains some pending bug fixes and a translation update.


The current bluez-gnome CVS repository has been converted into GIT. The new location of the bluez-gnome.git repository is on and marks the start of the development for BlueZ 4.x series API.

Release of obexd-0.3

Another version of the new obexd with a lot of fixes. Please start testing.


Release of bluez-libs-3.36 and bluez-utils-3.36

Due to some small fixes here and there and some pending patches, we have created another release of the 3.x series. It is nothing major, but all of them are nice to have things that slipped through the net for one reason or another.


Release of obexd-0.2

Another version of the new obexd which fixes some issues and improves the FTP support. Please do intensive testing and report any issues.