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Release of BlueZ 5.19

A bit overdue, but very appropriate for the date, here is 5.19.

The release contains fixes to OBEX, AVRCP browsing, HID over GATT and handling of device unpaired events for dual-mode devices. There is also a fix to cleanly handle tools like bluetoothctl taking over the default agent role. Since there is no indication to the “normal” system default agent this would previously simply rob this property away without any way to know that this happened. From 5.19 onward bluetoothd maintains a stack of agents that have requested to be the default and will hand back the property to the next item in the stack when bluetoothctl (or some other tool) exits.

Besides these fixes we’ve got some new additions too:

  • User space based HID host implementation (for BR/EDR), to complement the kernel-side implementation
  • A reconnect-upon-linkloss policy for those profiles that need , such as HFP HF or an A2DP Sink. The list of remote UUIDs to try to reconnect to is also configurable through main.conf.
  • SCO over HCI support for Android (by default Android is designed with SCO over PCM routing in mind)
  • Audio quality control for Android
  • Support for a new Low Energy-only mode on Android


Release of BlueZ 5.18

This is mostly a bug fix release with issues fixed regarding LE single mode device detection and incorrect getpeername() calls which could have caused incorrect SDP records for profiles (mainly those using the Profile D-Bus interface with RFCOMM channel auto-allocation).

On the OBEX side we now have full OBEX authentication support, which is a fairly useless feature in practice but a mandatory one for qualification of some OBEX profiles. On the Android side the major feature addition this time is LE GATT client support.


Release of BlueZ 5.17

This is mostly a bug fix release with issues fixed in OBEX, dual-mode device pairing, and LE related areas.

On the Android side a major new feature is Handsfree Profile 1.6 support, including Wideband Speech capability.


Release of BlueZ 5.16

Here’s 5.16. For the most part it’s a bug fix release with a couple of regressions fixed regarding the “Paired” property that had crept into 5.15. People using 5.15 are strongly recommended to upgrade because of these fixes. There is also a fix for HID over GATT (LE) device creation.

As far as new non-Android features are concerned this release supports the New Signature Resolving Key mgmt event which will make its debut in the 3.15 kernel release.

On the Android side by far the biggest feature addition is full support for A2DP 1.3 and AVRCP 1.5. Several other profiles, such as HFP and GATT have continued receiving a fair amount of patches as well, but they are not considered complete yet.


Release of BlueZ 5.15

This release contains bug fixes in various areas, including LE background scanning when LE is enabled after powering on, setting proper attributes for HID over GATT input devices and storing of LE Long Term Keys for slave role operation.

Besides the fixes a notable feature addition is the support for LE Identity Resolving Keys which enable the resolving of devices with Resolvable Private Addresses (one prominent example of such devices are all iOS based ones). This feature requires a kernel with Privacy support enabled and the patches for it are right now being targeted for the 3.15 kernel release. For people wanting to experiment already now the bluetooth-next tree can be used.

On the Android side the rate of new patches keeps going strong and is still accounting for over half of the patches since the previous release. The most important area that has made significant progress is audio where basic A2DP support is now starting to be in place.


Release of sbc-1.2

With this release the SBC library now allows to enable a high precision encoding and also support special setup functions to initialize the encoder and decoder for A2DP streams.


Release of BlueZ 5.14

As far as user visible features are concerned the biggest highlight of this release is the improved/fixed support for PS3 remote controls as well as the added support for PS4 remote controls (DualShock 4). Besides this we’ve got various fixes here and there, much more Android functionality as well as more complete automated test tools (bringing among other things fairly complete pairing tests).


Release of BlueZ 5.13

This release consists mostly of further features added to the various Android HALs (Core, Socket, PAN and HID), but a few non-Android changes have crept in too:

  • Fix issue with PS3 controller detection
  • HCI event decoding improvements to btmon