Release of obexd-0.22

This release contains a lot of bug fixes for various issues found during testing. Updating to this version is highly recommended.


Release of bluez-4.62

This release fixes the nasty symbol breakage in the Bluetooth library regarding the inquiry transmit power level. Additionally there are a few AVDTP related fixes that should make the audio support more stable.


And 14 gold medals for Canada at the winter games in Vancouver. Go Canada! Of course the 10 gold medals for Germany is not too bad either :)

Release of bluez-4.61

This release fixes a couple of bugs within A2DP and Headset/Handsfree support. It is the usual release after an UnPlugFest to fix the issues discovered during the testing.


And welcome to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games :)

Release of bluez-4.60

This release contains various fixes and enhancements to the D-Bus helper and integration functions.


Release of bluez-4.59

This is once again the yearly X-mas release. So Merry Christmas to everyone.


Exactly 35 releases ago we celebrated the last holidays. This means that every 1.5 weeks we were giving you a new BlueZ release. That is actually a pretty much impressive release ratio :)

Release of obexd-0.21

This release fixes a few bugs that were left from the re-factoring done via the 0.19 release. Please test it intensively.


Release of obexd-0.20

This release fixes two bugs. One with the PC Suite support and another one with the new SyncEvolution support.


Release of obexd-0.19

This release adds supports for mimetype and filesystem plugins. It also includes an abstraction layer for telephony and phonebook plugins. So please start testing it intensively since a lot internal details changed.


As a bonus, the initial pieces of the OBEX server/SyncML binding for SyncEvolution got merged.