Release of bluez-4.40

This release contains a fix for memory allocation with the creation of PDUs inside the SDP handling. It also fixes various race conditions inside some D-Bus method calls. With this release the HID proxy switching is changed to use udev rules and also adds support for Dell based devices.


This is the first release that contains the Headset/Handsfree telephony driver for the oFono open source telephony stack.

Release of bluez-4.39

This release fixes a lot of race conditions and small bugs in the handling of system startup, device pairing and device discovery.


Release of bluez-4.38

This release fixes various bugs and format string issues. It also introduces support for builtin plugins and a framework for adapter operations.


Release of obexd-0.12

This releases fixes some problems with the signal handling and various format string issues.


Release of obexd-0.11

This is another release with bugfixes for some broken D-Bus, filename and authorization handling.


Google Summer of Code 2009

For this years Google Summer of Code we have 6 projects accepted that will hopefully extend the Bluetooth expierence for Linux a lot. So happy hacking to all students.

Release of bluez-4.37

This release adds support for the AVRCP based volume control and fixes a couple of regressions from the previous release.


The Bluetooth SIG announced the 3.0 + HS specification that includes support for High Speed data transfer via 802.11 technology. Using a Bluetooth 2.1 BR/EDR controller with an 802.11 AMP controller is a perfect combination for a 3.0 high speed solution. So BlueZ is fully ready to be extended with 3.0 support since it already supports Bluetooth 2.1 features.

Release of bluez-4.36

This release fixes crashes found in the Headset/Handsfree and A2DP support. The audio support should now be more stable than ever.