Release of bluez-4.29

This release includes fixes for all issues found during the UnPlugFest in San Francisco.


Release of bluez-4.28

This release contains mostly fixes for the audio support. The SBC encoder should now produce a much better audio quality and its performance should increase noticeably on ARM and x86 platforms.


The ALSA plugin now contains a fix to avoid invalid memory access. This might break some audio players that make assumption on some ALSA API calls that are ambigue. Please report any problems you might encounter.

Release of bluez-4.27

This release contains multiple fixes for the Simple Pairing support and newer kernel versions. It highly improves the interoperability and the security handling with Bluetooth 2.1 based devices.


We also merged more SBC optimization patches that are now making use of MMX or ARM NEON extensions. This should highly improve the performance of the SBC encoder.

Release of bluez-4.26

This release contains more SBC encoder fixes and improvements. It should be now a lot faster and sound much better. It also contains a fixes for some audio problems.


Closing old mailing lists

A couple of month ago, I announced my plans to close down the bluez-users and bluez-devel mailing lists on since they were causing more pain than doing any good.

As of today both mailing lists are disabled now. The archive still remains available, but from now on please use for all kinds of BlueZ related emails. The new mailing list doesn’t require a subscription before you can post, but I advise everybody to subscribe to it. The volume on this mailing list is bearable and the spam ratio is almost zero thanks to the amazing admins at

With this change the BlueZ project is now free from ;)

Release of bluez-4.25

The previous release contains a small bug in the audio control socket which makes ALSA and GStreamer fail.


In addition this release also contains two big updates to the SBC encoder and should now give better audio quality when using A2DP.

Release of bluez-4.24

This is the yearly X-mas release. So Merry Christmas to everyone.


It is nothing exciting compared to the previous release, but we fixed various adapter based signal emission and also made sure that on exit of the daemon all device are switched back off again.

And I spent quite some time to make sure we now compile nicely with -Wall and -Wextra to find common bugs quicker.

Release of bluez-4.23

This releases contains an enhanced version of the SBC encoder that should improve the quality and possible conformance testing. It also supports an updated audio API for GStreamer and ALSA plugins.