Release of bluez-4.7

This release fixes a lot of bugs in the pairing and also removes a lot of left-over code from the 3.x series.


Suspend support for USB driver

This patchset adds suspend and resume support to the USB driver. It also fixes a compiler warning and the link policy regression.


Release of obexd-0.4

This release fixes a receiving issue and adds the first steps for a plugin based infrastructure.


Release of bluez-4.6

This release adds support for proper authentication and encryption of HID capable input devices. It should also add a smooth upgrade path of configured input devices from BlueZ 3.x to the 4.x series.


Release of bluez-gnome-1.4

This release adds the missing browse menu item and fixes some issues with the device discovery. The wizard now has Simple Pairing support and should work better with headphones, keyboards and mice.


Release of bluez-4.5

This release fixes a couple of regression with the adapter initialization and the input service.


We are still working on improvements in both areas and this release is just to get it going again.

Final Simple Pairing patches

This patchset includes the final patches for the Simple Pairing support and with exactly this set of patches we passed all Bluetooth 2.1 qualification tests.


Release of bluez-4.4

And another brown paper bag release. Sorry about that, but I forgot to check the compilation of the CUPS backend. This release adds a temporary fix. It also adds the missing service API description.