Release of BlueZ 5.12

This is mostly a bug-fix release, but also contains several notable additions:

  • PS3 (sixaxis) controller support
  • smp-tester for LE Security Manager Protocol testing
  • AVDTP qualification test cases (unit/test-avdtp)
  • LE Connection Oriented Channel test support with l2test (LE CoC is a feature of the newly released Bluetooth 4.1 specification)
  • btmon decoding support for LE CoC signaling commands, CSA4 and Core spec 4.1 HCI commands

As with the previous release, simply from a statistical perspective the majority of the changes are on the still work-in-progress Android support side (android/* in the source tree), where we should now have mostly working core, PAN and HID HALs, as well as the socket HAL which enables several higher level profiles like OPP and PBAP.