Release of BlueZ 5.15

This release contains bug fixes in various areas, including LE background scanning when LE is enabled after powering on, setting proper attributes for HID over GATT input devices and storing of LE Long Term Keys for slave role operation.

Besides the fixes a notable feature addition is the support for LE Identity Resolving Keys which enable the resolving of devices with Resolvable Private Addresses (one prominent example of such devices are all iOS based ones). This feature requires a kernel with Privacy support enabled and the patches for it are right now being targeted for the 3.15 kernel release. For people wanting to experiment already now the bluetooth-next tree can be used.

On the Android side the rate of new patches keeps going strong and is still accounting for over half of the patches since the previous release. The most important area that has made significant progress is audio where basic A2DP support is now starting to be in place.