Release of BlueZ 5.37

Here’s the traditional X-mas/end-of-year release of BlueZ. Most of the changes are bug fixes, targeting areas such as GATT and external profile registration. Another large chunk of changes is refactoring to use the same implementation for Android and non-Android LE profiles (e.g. HoG). With this release btattach (the successor to hciattach) finally has a manual page and will get installed by default. There’s also a new feature that will become available together with the Linux kernel 4.5 version: support for a new logging channel which lets btmon interleave HCI and bluetoothd logs into the same output. For those wanting to experiment with this feature already now, you can find it e.g. in the bluetooth-next kernel tree. One minor but noteworthy change is that the default IO capability of agents (used for pairing) has changed from “DisplayYesNo” to “KeyboardDisplay”. This is an LE-specific capability which makes more sense on most systems than “DisplayYesNo”. On BR/EDR connections “KeyboardDisplay” gets automatically translated to “DisplayYesNo” (so no change in behavior there).