Android related work happening in BlueZ

To avoid unnecessary questions and confusion I thought it’d be good to give a quick overview of Android related code that will be going into bluez.git in the near future.

Since Android 4.2 there exists a well standardized HAL interface that the Bluetooth stack is expected to provide and which enables the easy replacement of the stack of choice on Android. What’s now happening in BlueZ is that we’re working on making BlueZ a drop-in replacement to Android by ensuring that the required HAL interfaces are available straight out of the BlueZ source tree.

Most of the work has little or ┬áno impact on existing BlueZ functionality and architecture and the code will be going under a separate “android” subdirectory. However, since we’re trying to reuse as much code with the rest of BlueZ as possible this also means that some refactoring will be happening elsewhere in the tree to create reusable library-like modules from parts of the code.

One of the intentions of this work is to avoid multiple companies doing their own Android adaptation for BlueZ by having the work done in a central place upstream.