Bluetooth Changes for Linux 3.1

The 3.1 release is coming and it’s time to see what have changed in the Bluetooth subsystem. The biggest part of the changes are related to Bluetooth Low Energy, Andre Guedes worked in adding LE Adversiment cache support, all the remote devices found are cached in a list and after a defined timeout this list is flushed. Vinicius Gomes and Anderson Briglia added a initial implementation of the LE Security Manager Protocol. At the moment only JustWorks pairing is implemented.

Gustavo Padovan worked in another L2CAP refactoring patchset towards a clear  separation between l2cap_core.c and l2cap_sock.c. Peter Hurley fixed a lot of potential deadlock over all the Bluetooth subsystem. Mat Martineau reworked the local busy handling inside the L2CAP Enhanced Retransmission Mode.

There is also many minor changes, fixes and clean ups, like HCI auth path fixes by Waldemar Rymarkiewicz, remote device blacklisting in the MGMT interface  among many others.

A full changelog can be viewed issuing the following command against linus’ tree:

git shortlog -n v3.0..origin/master –no-merges  net/bluetooth/ include/net/bluetooth/ drivers/bluetooth/