GSoC: EDS backend of Phonebook Access Profile(PBAP)

This summer Bartosz Szatkowski worked in the EDS backend of Phonebook Access Profile(PBAP)  as his Google Summer of Code project.  Check his report below.

Through last two months I’ve been working on Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) in obexd, that uses Evolution Data Server (EDS) as data backend. PBAP let you use your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. together with your Bluetooth device (like carkit or headset) for wireless addressbook access. For example you may use your car dashboard to pick a contact, from your phone adressbook, to call or your headset may tell you who is calling to you right into your ear — without ever touching the phone. EDS is main contact store on MeeGo (but you may use it on any other Linux distribution) so there is wide range (and it’s growing!) of devices you me use.

After three months of work, there is fully functional PBAP implementation for evolution data server, that let you use all yours
address books (even online services like google contacts — as far as it is supported by EDS). There are two things left to be done:
upstreaming support for vCards 2.1 into EDS (patch is waiting for review), second one is to do more testing and live usage to ensure
stability and catch as many interoperability problems as we can.

By Bartosz Szatkowski