iOS 8.2 introduces LE Secure Connections support

The Bluetooth 4.2 specification has been adopted in December 2014 by the Bluetooth SIG and now 3 month later, Apple is introducing support for LE Secure Connections with their update to iOS 8.2 software.

Support for LE Secure Connections provides Diffie-Hellman and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECDH) feature for creating Long Term Keys. These keys are P-256 strong keys and provide strong security that is now similar to BR/EDR Secure Connections introduced with Bluetooth 4.1 specification.

Using a Linux kernel 3.19 also enables LE Secure Connections feature and now BlueZ and iOS devices can utilize the strong security from Bluetooth 4.2 specification. The LE Secure Connections is a host stack only feature and can be used with Bluetooth 4.0 controllers. So every Bluetooth Low Energy capable system has the possibility of gaining LE Secure Connections support.

The BlueZ for Android project also enables Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2 features for Android KitKat and Lollipop versions. This includes support for BR/EDR and LE Secure Connections.