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Release of bluez-gnome-0.27

When switching to a plugin based infrastructure for the Bluetooth core daemon, parts of the service API became obsolete. This release now updates our GNOME applications to handle this change nicely.


The percentage of translation for this package is still pretty bad. Only a few languages have translated every string. If you have some free time and speak a foreign language, then please translate it.

Release of bluez-libs-3.34 and bluez-utils-3.34

The SDP client functionality of the Bluetooth library contains a potential security issue since the length checks of the incoming data are not always present. The following packages are fixing this by introducing safe versions for some function calls.


The credits for finding and fixing this issue go to Glenn Durfee from the Google Android team.

Release of bluez-libs-3.33 and bluez-utils-3.33

This release does a lot of cleanups in the code base and introduces Simple Pairing support. It will be also one of the last releases in the 3.x series.


Release of bluez-hcidump-1.42

This release updates the HCI decoding support for the link policy settings.