Release of bluez-gnome-1.0

This is the first release supporting the BlueZ 4.x D-Bus API. The support for the old API has been removed. This brings a lot of internal changes with it and thus the major version number has been increased.


Despite the fact that this version is called 1.0 it has some drawbacks. The only two applications currently ported to the new API are bluetooth-applet and bluetooth-properties. So if you are looking for file transfer support, this is the wrong release for you.

This release can be used with hcid -x from bluez-utils-3.36 or with bluetoothd from the latest bluez-4.x release. When using hcid make sure to enable the experimental support via the -x switch, because otherwise only the 3.x API will be present.

The next step is to get all the dialogs for Simple Pairing support in place. This should include support for the bluetooth-wizard and after that we will port the missing applications to the new API.