Release of BlueZ 5.1

This is mostly a bugfix release covering issues that were discovered since 5.0, but there are also a couple of new feature additions:

  • Integration with systemd’s hostname daemon. The local Bluetooth adapter name will automatically be set through this (if available).
  • New test tools:
    • tools/mgmt-tester: Test cases for the kernel Management interface. Depends on the hci_vhci kernel module and uses it to verify that the right actions occur also on the HCI level and not just at the kernel-user space border (i.e. the management interface itself).
    • unit/test-sdp: This test tool provides the entire set of SDP qualification test cases.
    • unit/test-eir: Test tool for testing the parsing of various EIR and AD data. The btsnoop tool has also received support for extracting EIR and AD data chunks out of HCI traces.
  • Experimental MediaPlayer1 interface introduced. See doc/media-api.txt and tools/mpris-player (which provides a user session proxy to export remote media players as local MPRIS capable ones). Note that this interface is unstable (may see backwards incompatible changes) and needs to be explicitly enabled using the –experimental bluetoothd command line switch.